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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Over the last year, my business has changed by leaps and bounds - and I hope to continue the trend into 2012!  Can you believe it?  2012 already?  I remember the Y2K fiasco when all technology was supposed to come to a screeching halt, yet here I sit writing you a blog about it all!  Pretty amazing if you ask me :)

I am wrapping up 2011 with a fantastic holiday season!  Christmas is my favorite time of year - is it yours?  Bought myself an early Christmas present and officially bought my domain (giddy with excitement!)  No more long website address, more space on my business cards, easier for people to remember!  Couldn't be happier!

In the year 2012 - lots of changes are in store, new deals, new products, new services!  I am super excited about all that is in store for both myself and my clients alike!
First off, I want to introduce you to the new Yearly Photo Plans!  Pay one fee, get multiple sessions throughout the year - which all include a CD of your images!  You can read more and purchase the package that works best for you by visiting my payment page - click here!

Second - Monthly deals!  Each month I will come up with something new, from discounts to freebies - so be sure to become a fan on Facebook to keep up with the latest!!  January 2012 will be the New Years Bundle!  Get your session, three 8x10's and three 5x7's for just $85!  Regular retail price is $97.00 if purchased separately!  It's a great deal!  Just mention the new years bundle when booking or at the time of your session. Visit the special deals page for more information!











More goodies are on their way - I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season! 

Merry Christmas from Show Me the Smile Photography
(217) 251-7380

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Fall one and all!

I have been super busy between photo sessions, party photography, and designing my new website!  Did you know that I had a new website?  If not, please go check it out!  All sorts of new goodies there, all in one place - a more streamlined approach so it's easier for me to maintain!  I am offering prints for sale (my photography as art)...and I now have a price gallery so it's easier to find my prices!

So, I am going to play a little game of catch-up now and post a few pictures from some of my sessions lately!  Enjoy!

WINL9997TOC WINL0004TOC WINL0005 WINL9949 WINL9974 WINL9987 WINL9995 LEE0053 LEE0023 LEE0027 SPES0225 SPES0073 SPES0075 SPES0079FR SPES0088BW SPES0093BW SPES0114BW SPES0141 SPES0152 SPES0156BW SPES0192 SPES0211

Monday, October 3, 2011

New – BETTER – Website!

When I designed my new website back in December 2010, I never realized just how hard it would be to maintain each part when I needed to make changes.  Today, I launched a new website that combines all the elements of my business – from client viewing to a price catalog (under construction yet).  The other websites will still remain in use and open, but will be reduced to just the basics.
My client viewing website will REMAIN THE SAME – no changes to it at this time. 
I also have added { Prints for Sale } which are an ever growing collection of photos I have turned into art pieces – both framed and not framed.  So far, I have added many categories to the prints for sale and hope to add even more very soon!  Excited about this new feature – YES I AM!  I not only love to take pictures of my clients, but I love to take nature, architectural, and transportation photos as well.  You can find flowers, bridges, train tracks (and trains if I’m lucky enough to catch them), antique cards, and more for sale!
Purchases will be handled by PayPal checkout – all major debit/credit cards as well as PayPal accounts will be accepted for payments.

So please visit my new website and share it with others!

Monday, September 19, 2011

1 Year Milestone – so fun!

I am a little behind posting this – but last week I had so much fun photographing one of my favorite little guys for his 1 year milestone!  He is such a photogenic little one and so much fun to watch his expressions!  Happy 1st Birthday!!  Here’s a few sneak peeks from the session at the nature preserve!

CAL1YRsidebyside1 CAL1YR9326 CAL1YR9337CAL1YR9331  CAL1YR9356TOCCAL1YR9342  CAL1YR9372 CAL1YR9379 CAL1YR9385

Thursday, September 15, 2011

**NEW** Packages include CD!

Exciting news – now offering packages that include a CD of your session/event images!  Slight changes to the prices of all my packages have been made, and added an additional pose to Package #3.  Packages are still available without a CD if you prefer to go that route!

Click image to visit the full listing of packages offered or click here.

Pacakge Update 9-15-11

Package Changes 9-15-11

Sunday, September 11, 2011

When they say “I Do” – I’ll be there to capture it!

Weddings – the most fabulous time in a couples life!  Whether large or small, capturing all the moments of the special day is very important.  Here are a few examples of a couple weddings I photographed recently.  Congratulations to both couples – it was my pleasure to be a part of your big day!

Click on images to enlarge or click “View Full Album”

Jessica & Brock – 8/6/11

Sara & Gary – 9/10/11

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hidden Pictures Contest – Ended!

Congratulations to Nathan F. for successfully finding all 14 items in my hidden pictures contest!  For those who did not find them all, here are the answers!

hiddenpictures 25.00 KEY

Hidden Pictures Contest!

Since I will not be participating in the local festival that’s coming up in a couple weeks, and I typically do a contest during it, I decided to do my big giveaway NOW instead!

I am sure everyone has heard of the children’s magazine, “Highlights”….well one of my favorite parts of that magazine is the hidden pictures section!  I have taken that idea and used it as my current contest!

First person to correctly identify all 14 hidden items in the picture and submit the contest form will win $25.00 CASH!

Rules & so forth……

Review the picture and find all 14 items.  Correctly identify the items by filling out the contest submission form, by clicking here!  Winner can choose to receive their $25.00 prize via PayPal transfer or via US mail.  Make your selection on the form.  Only one winner during this contest period.  First person to submit the form wins.  Open to legal US residents ONLY.


Click the link below to enlarge!

For a larger image, please click here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rock – N – Roll!

We had so much fun today with the Rock-N-Roll themed session!  The kids felt like celebrities with me as their paparazzi…according to my client Christi!  I had a blast and they did, too!  Here is a sneak peek from today’s session!

RNR8773COL RNR8664 RNR8685 RNR8692 RNR8701 RNR8703 RNR8731 RNR8732 RNR8759 RNR8767 RNR8772