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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hidden Pictures Contest – Ended!

Congratulations to Nathan F. for successfully finding all 14 items in my hidden pictures contest!  For those who did not find them all, here are the answers!

hiddenpictures 25.00 KEY

Hidden Pictures Contest!

Since I will not be participating in the local festival that’s coming up in a couple weeks, and I typically do a contest during it, I decided to do my big giveaway NOW instead!

I am sure everyone has heard of the children’s magazine, “Highlights”….well one of my favorite parts of that magazine is the hidden pictures section!  I have taken that idea and used it as my current contest!

First person to correctly identify all 14 hidden items in the picture and submit the contest form will win $25.00 CASH!

Rules & so forth……

Review the picture and find all 14 items.  Correctly identify the items by filling out the contest submission form, by clicking here!  Winner can choose to receive their $25.00 prize via PayPal transfer or via US mail.  Make your selection on the form.  Only one winner during this contest period.  First person to submit the form wins.  Open to legal US residents ONLY.


Click the link below to enlarge!

For a larger image, please click here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rock – N – Roll!

We had so much fun today with the Rock-N-Roll themed session!  The kids felt like celebrities with me as their paparazzi…according to my client Christi!  I had a blast and they did, too!  Here is a sneak peek from today’s session!

RNR8773COL RNR8664 RNR8685 RNR8692 RNR8701 RNR8703 RNR8731 RNR8732 RNR8759 RNR8767 RNR8772