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Monday, February 28, 2011

On Location – the sights and sounds

As I find new locations, I like to share them with my clients so that we can in turn use them during a session!  Periodically, I take pictures as I find somewhere that stimulates my creativity, and I will post them to my blog!  If you want to use any of the locations that I share, please specify when scheduling your session! :)  Hover your mouse over the image to see it’s location.

Click on images to enlarge.

Twin Lakes, Paris IL A Church Yard, Paris IL A Church Yard, Paris IL2 Covered Bridge, Rt. 36 East of Dana, IN Deming Park, Terre Haute High street in SPRING, Paris IL Terre Haute, INLocation 1 Chrisman Location1 Chrisman location8 Chrisman Location-1 Chrisman location 5  Chrisman Location 8 Chrisman, Location 1 Chrisman, location 7 Location 1  Chrisman Location 1 Chrisman Chrisman Location 11