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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rescued Furballs

I am a softy when it comes to animals – I love them, especially cats!  The other day, my children and I were out and about in town and saw some kids that go to school with mine sitting on the side of the street with what at first appeared to be a lemonade stand.  It was 96 degrees that day, so it would have not surprised me to find ice cold lemonade being peddled….but alas, it was furry critters on their makeshift table.  They had 6 beautiful, tiny, kittens in a plastic tote – labeled FREE.  The kittens were in desperate need of water and food.  I snapped a few pictures with my phone and quickly posted them to Facebook, in hopes they would find a home – and soon!  The poor babies weren’t going to survive otherwise.  Right away, I had friends asking where they were and even had one who said she would take all 6.

Yesterday, my kids and I bathed all 6 of the cute furballs – got them all dry, fluffy, and smelling great just in time to have 2 of them adopted!  We still have 4 kittens, with 3 being considered as we speak!  They are sure going to make great house cats – eating kibble, drinking milk and water, and already litterbox ready.  Here’s a few pictures of these cuties!

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IMGP7339 IMGP7299 IMGP7300 IMGP7302 IMGP7303 IMGP7311 IMGP7315 IMGP7319 IMGP7326 IMGP7330 IMGP7331 IMGP7332 IMGP7333 IMGP7334 IMGP7335 IMGP7336 IMGP7338