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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Model For a Day - Fun!

Off and on through the year, I announce that I am looking for advertising models.  People who want to do several shots and allow me to use their images for advertising purposes - such as Facebook, flyers, both online and off.  There's perks to being a SMTSP model - 25 FREE 4x6 prints for example, oh and a FREE session for being such a good sport!  Sometimes, I even have free gifts for my models!  Be sure to check my website for current offers - and sign up to be a fan on Facebook to keep up with the latest deals!

Here are a few images I have taken with my various "Models for a day" participants!

Fun on-site and seasonal!
Just a touch of color!

She's so pretty!

Pets are welcome!!

Fun in the sun!
Seasonal!  Orange suits her!

I love this one!