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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attention Business Owners – Vendor Partnership Opportunity!

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I am looking for vendors to partner with – are you interested?  If so, please read on!
A unique opportunity has come to my mind on how to expand my business while benefitting others!  The following vendors are just a few idea of the types of businesses I am looking for – but the possibilities are endless!

Jewelry Reps
Mary Kay
Flower Shops
Home Decorating Vendors

Which Vendor Plan is Right For You?

Girls Night Out – IN STUDIO or ON LOCATION
Recommended for jewelry, makeup, and purse vendors
I host a Girls Night Out party at my studio and the attendees can choose to model with your product(s) for some select photos.  Attendees can purchase these pictures for themselves if they so desire at my normal rates for general photography.  Vendors can purchase the pictures also at normal rates, in bundles such as CD + 10 Prints for $35.00.  You as the vendor can use these images for demonstration and advertising purposes.  If you would prefer to donate a product or gift certificate instead of a purchase, you may do that also.
Event Tag-Along
SMTSP tags along with you to one of your already scheduled events.  Attendees at the event can model your products and purchase the pictures as stated above.  Same vendor deals as stated before.  If you would prefer to donate a product or gift certificate instead of a purchase, you may do that also.
Products or Events Photography
Need your products or events photographed?  Then let SMTSP help!  Set up an appointment for a product session consultation to discuss date, time, fees, and business information.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Your business information can be included on the images for demonstration and advertising purposes, or leave plain and use them as general purpose pictures to help promote your business!  Images taken during these vendor events will be used in SMTSP portfolio to promote my photography.  Attendees will be given a “release to publish” form to sign at the event to give permission for images to be used and published.  Any attendees who do not give permission for their images to be used will be excluded from use by vendors and SMTSP.