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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute as a Cupcake!

You ask – what’s your favorite thing?  I respond – Caboodle Cupcakes!!!  Located on 7th Street in Terre Haute, IN – I enjoy stopping in for the flavors of the day when I am in town!  Today, I picked up Key Lime, Vanilla with Caramel Filling, and Butterscotch!  You can follow them on Facebook! While I was there, I also found an adorable new prop – a handmade cupcake hat complete with an adorable cherry!  So, when I love something, I photograph it!  Here’s the result….click images to enlarge.

vintage (SMALL) AM caboodle1 AM caboodle2 caboodle1 caboodle2 caboodle3 caboodle4 caboodle5 sidebyside (small)